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Terms & Conditions


Our aim is to provide telegram chats and pdf guide for every hole in every new set of wind conditions of every tournament. We post each hole one by one when complete and send out a full pdf once complete.


WE CONSTANTLY UPDATE EACH HOLE to make sure you have very best information to countermeasure each wind variation.


● Our season deal is £12.40 GBP which includes 2x main tournaments full telegram chats and pdf for each hole, each round.

● We offer shots and advice for 9 hole cups but can not always guarantee full pdf guides due to time constraints.

● On very rare occasions a pdf may not be completed for a single hole due to us not finding a repeatable shot, in such case we will always post videos of the plays we have and talk through recommendations.

● In the unlikely event that we can not provide content for a tournament, a refund will be given as per below:

● 1 x main tournament = £6

● 2 x main tournaments = £12

● 9 hole cups = no refund offered

● On rare occasions (personal commitments) members of our shot/guide team may occasionally need a day off during the tournament schedule, this is considered accepted as part of the season deal. There should always be content posted nonetheless.


When you sign up you will receive a telegram link for you to join. All links provided are for personal use only and MUST NOT be shared to anyone. All guides, shots, descriptions, videos from the telegrams are for personal use only and MUST NOT be shared anywhere.


Anyone found breaking these terms will be expelled from the season with no refund.


Don’t share - it’s that simple 👌

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