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Our Story

Hi there. My name is Steve Durand but you may know me as Boris Banko, I’ve used the pseudonym for a while to build my profile within the Golf Clash communities. The name was a bit of a joke between friends that turned into a persona and stuck. It turned out to be very memorable, more so than GC Steve I guess!


I’ve been around the game since it was released back in 2017. I’ve always been as helpful as I possibly could in the community. I have a mind for the game’s intricacies and nuances. I’ve accomplished everything in the game, maxed out many accounts, some in under 500 tour games, won over 200 tournaments at all levels including master, I have over 30 master banners to my name.


I don’t claim to be the best performing player - I’m often busy with family commitments when it comes to playing the critical weekend rounds so don’t execute as well as I could do, also I often sacrifice my rounds to look for plays for my customers with different level clubs and balls to the ones I have recommended, however I am 100% confident that nobody can build and analyse a play better than me.


The main satisfaction I get however is not from winning myself but helping others to win and exceed their expectations.

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